The professional
for each
skin specialist

  • Guaranteed results
  • Compact
  • Includes own product

Body Specialist
O.A. local fat removal
Cellulite, and Striea
Includes own product

Best for
body & beauty
5 techniques for
best results

Now including:

  • 5 years free reparation
  • 5 year warranty
  • 5 years free maintenance
  • 5 years free updates
  • 5 years 24-hour service

Financial leasing works,
for you.

  • Determine your monthly
  • 42% tax
  • 28% investment

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Body Equipe Rent

Are you still not sure whether to believe the Beauty Lab to purchase?

Body Equipe Lease

Would you hire one of our devices? We offer a unique system which you have no risk

Financial Lease

We can also assist in providing a Financial lease offer.

A clear approach with a an advanced device

Who is Body Equipe Group

Body Equipe focuses on high quality equipment and products for the professional.
Body Equipe Group is an international company that sells professional equipment and products to the Beauty, Fitness and wellness industry. Among other Ultra Sound, Radio Frequency, Micro competition. But her cosmetics, food supplements and cosmetics and a 5-day diet box.

Active in Europe